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daqui a pouco eu paro


Quase um mês sem escrever uma única linha e tudo de novo que consigo postar é essa simples ilustração. O dibujo bacana é da japonesa Aya Kato e mais imagens podem ser vistas aqui.

Agora voltando à nossa programação normal, reproduzo abaixo um texto meu que encontrei pairando no grande ÉTER FÍSICO. Na época (leia-se poucos meses atrás) havia começado a escrever sobre blogs pessoais, voyeurismo cibernético y otras milongas más, mas pelo jeito deixei incompleto e fui fazer qualquer coisa de inoportuna. Tudo deveria se desenrolar depois do ponto, mas mal consigo lembrar a índole de minhas considerações.

Esse eu não vou me preocupar em traduzir, pelo menos não por enquanto. Assim não abro precedência pra alguém achar que estou com tempo de sobra pra escrever coisas novas. O final de ano anda me ocupando, tenho trabalhado bastante pra colocar cositas bacanas no ar e ainda quero encontrar tempo pra voltar a fotografar loucamente.


We live in a time where individuality reigns over the collective whole; where personal interests and gains seem to prevail over those of the community. And ever since the rise of the bourgeois in the middle ages, we have become natural voyeurs. We urge knowledge of the other's life, we buy gossip magazines like water while Big Brother showcases on too many TV sets all over the world.

Throughout the last years we have come across the fact that almost 50% of the blogsphere is made out of personal weblogs. These are diaries, stories of one's experiences, inner thoughts and dreams. Things you would usually jot down and keep under your mattress, hidden from all eyes, but ever more become readily available at the click of a button.

New technologies have provided us the tools to broadcast our lives through the net and show our neighbors what happens across thick walls. Let them peep through strategically positioned webcams, some say. But we still maintain control; we still have the power to decide what becomes public and what lays unplugged and offline.

What goes public on a weblog is nevertheless a matter of choice. I have come upon some scholars who claim it is through the technological means that one INFILTRATES the sphere of our private lives and disrupts the barrier between what is public and what is kept inside. But in such cases I believe it misleading to call it infiltration. WE, blog authors, have the power to conduct web surfers through what we expose as being our lives. Even through webcams, focus is on what we decide it to be (which reminds me I should buy a webcam and point it to some mundane thing like a pile of books, keeping it online 24/7).

This will be my diary. This is my life. But hey, I'm not giving away the password. Maybe it's just a way to subvert the possibilities, who knows.

I found an interesting post from a blogger in Florida who recently restricted access to his web diary that states "there comes a point on the 'net where you have to take a step back and decide 'how much is too much' to share with anyone that might happen across it. We've elected to reclaim our personal lives and make them, well, a bit more personal." (

In the same way we claim the internet as a path to overcome the power and control of mass media, we too have the power to create oneself and ones own will. Identity and subjectiveness become a matter of our own creation. Thus, it seems to me we have to deal with two forms of privacy invasion which are possible through these rapid technological evolutions.

mas por ora não continua.