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Defenestrado por dizer que a realidade não existe

No New York Times desse domingo saiu uma entrevista com o Jean Baudrillard, sempre fiel à sua teoria de que estamos vivendo num simulacro. Curtinha, mas boa pra uma risada ou duas.

Isn't that kind of simplistic reasoning why people get so tired of French intellectuals?

There are no more French intellectuals. What you call French intellectuals have been destroyed by the media. They talk on television, they talk to the press and they are no longer talking among themselves.

Do you think there are intellectuals in America?

For us, there was Susan Sontag and Noam Chomsky. But that is French chauvinism. We count ourselves. We don't pay attention to what comes from outside. We accept only what we invented.

Were you a friend of Susan Sontag?

We saw each other from time to time, but the last time, it was terrible. She came to a conference in Toronto and blasted me for having denied that reality exists.