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Espinafre e Brócolis

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Nos EUA, ninguém está comendo espinafre. E ao que parece as conseqüências serão graves para a agricultura orgânica:

Investigators continue to search for the cause of the outbreak. They have scoured the company's processing plant as well as the farms that grow the spinach, looking at everything from irrigation water to the proximity of livestock, with no sure connections made so far. The fact that Natural Selection is in California's Salinas Valley has raised alarms, however. According to the FDA, fresh produce from the valley, including spinach, has been the source of nine E. coli outbreaks since 1995.

Moreover Natural Selection, which supplies several supermarket chains across the United States with conventionally produced fresh spinach, is also the nation's largest grower and shipper of certified organic produce, under its Earthbound Farm brand. If organic spinach becomes implicated, the financial consequences for the organic sector of the fresh produce market, which prides itself on its purity, could be severe.

Da Economist, mesma revista de onde saiu a análise acima, vem também a notícia que a evolução nos faz odiar o brócolis.

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