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História do Vegetarianismo

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Na Slate, Laura Shapiro resenha Bloodless Revolution, o livro de Tristram Stuart sobre a história do vegetarianismo. Meu parágrafo favorito:

If vegetarianism has settled comfortably into Western culture by now, it's because the term vegetarian has become so vast and shapeless that it describes just about everybody who isn't on the Atkins diet. To be sure, there are vegetarians who avoid all animal food. But most are willing to eat eggs, and many eat fish. Chicken is fine with some because hey, it isn't beef. Hamburgers? Absolutely not—or maybe just once in a while. And turkey because it's Thanksgiving, ham because it's Easter, pepperoni because it's pizza—what on earth is a vegetarian, anyway? No wonder Stuart never tries to define the term. A huge, wonderfully entertaining cast of dietary rebels parades through his chapters, but all we really know about the eating habits of these pagans, scientists, doctors, scholars, theologians, writers, philosophers, and crackpots is that most of them ate meat.

Para quem se interessa, o livro está disponível para venda aqui, pelo preço de um churrasco farto e considerável.

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